Everything iBeacon!

  • High performance iBeacons
  • Advanced Content Management System
  • Analytics dashboard
  • SDKs to integrate ShopJoy in your own iOS and Android apps

This is ShopJoy

ShopJoy offers the possibility to communicate with customers through their smartphone in a new smart way. ShopJoy, backed with iBeacon, makes it possible to pinpoint the exact position of a customer ranging from meters down to centimeters, independent of physical distractions.

The precision of the product gives an organization endless possibilities of communication, only restricted by imagination. Using ShopJoy, an organization can increase sales, boost brand awareness and create loyal and satisfied customers.

This is how it works!

Cloud based CMS

Create custom made campaign and messages for your consumers to recieve, at specific timers or in certain areas.


The Beacon broadcasts the message to all activated phones within its area.


Users within the specified area of the beacon recieves the message through push notification.

ShopJoy Partner Cloud

You do not have an app and you do not want to create one? Maybe hesitating about the ability to reach all your customers via your own app?

No worries, we have the solution! The ShopJoy Partner Cloud offers instant access to iBeacon-powered campaigns in your store just one click away. We have signed up with large media apps, lifestyle and social apps plus some apps offering deals. This means that a campaign created in the ShopJoy CMS can reach almost all of your customers at the right time and the right place. It does not matter if they have your app or maybe both, you can still communicate with them!

Please contact us to know more about how to reach all your customers without your own app!

(percentage = estimated reach)


We haven’t thought of everything yet. If you didn’t find anything helpful for your business we would love to get in contact with you and learn more.